Goose Magazine, a preeminent publication in the blockchain and crypto space just posted a great review article after trying out the L.O.V.E. Pod. Read the original article at the magazine here, or it’s fully posted below. Huge thanks to Charlie, and the whole GOOSE MAGAZINE crew.

Freedom to Explore: How the Latest Satellite Hotspot Offers Unparalleled Internet Access

Say Goodbye to Dead Zones – Introducing The Satellite Internet Hotspot Bringing the World to Your Fingertips

We had the honor of beta testing the first version of the L.O.V.E. Pod Satellite internet hotspot with a built-in VPN. The connectivity was impressive, and the ease of use was so simple that anyone could use it.

You will appreciate this review and product if you’re a digital nomad, a frequent traveler, or someone who values flexibility and security in their internet connection. Discover the unique benefits of the L.O.V.E. Pod Satellite internet hotspot, such as its impressive connectivity and user-friendly interface, that can enhance your lifestyle, allowing you to connect to the internet on your terms. 

For those of us who have concerns about being disconnected from the internet, loss of mobile signal, or want enhanced security and privacy, this team has developed a valuable solution they want to be available to the masses. And the best part? The L.O.V.E. Pod Satellite internet hotspot is available at an affordable price of $200 and $48 a month for unlimited data within the U.S., making it a great investment for your connectivity needs.

Curious about my journey with the L.O.V.E. Pod Satellite internet hotspot? Keep reading to learn about my experience testing it out, and discover the fascinating history of how the underserved innovated their way in the digital age.

Real World Access

I share my story over the last few months and my experience of using the pod. This is an honest review of the V1 Pod. The newer model, based on feedback from about 200 beta users, has been enhanced with better features and benefits, such as improved connectivity and a more user-friendly interface, making it an even more reliable and convenient tool for your internet needs.

The first iteration of the L.O.V.E. Pod Satellite internet hotspot is a marvel of compact design, comparable in size to a large ear pod case or a small egg. In fact, at first glance, it could easily be mistaken for an egg. A simple twist and the top third pops off, revealing a discreet USB power dongle.

It was plug-and-play – activate it and enter your private passcode to access your personal Wi-Fi hotspot.

I initially tested the L.O.V.E. Pod Satellite internet hotspot at home, where I used it for normal internet activities. The experience was nothing short of seamless, with no lag whatsoever. The added benefit is its built-in VPN, which is great to use most of the time but cannot be turned off. The other limitation was the VPN is set to Hong Kong—you could get all the Chinese news you want. This was one minor negative to me. We hear that there might be more options for VPNs around the world.

The other test was to see what was possible with video and multiple devices. YouTube played just fine with no latency. A Zoom conference was the extreme that I pushed it. In my experience, there was a loss of signal a couple of times, much like you w

The most reassuring aspect of this device is its portability. I carried it wherever I went, especially on trips to the mountains, where reliable connectivity is often a challenge. Living in Colorado or any other remote area, I often found my cell phone’s internet to be unreliable. However, with this device, I could simply plug it in and enjoy a stable connection, allowing me to make a phone call and work on my laptop simultaneously. Even in my car, I could plug it into the USB drive and it worked seamlessly.

You know how you attend a crypto conference and you are a little sketched out being surrounded by all the super smart techie guys there? I attended Ethereum Denver and I had to use my laptop several times. All I had to do was plug the USB cord into my laptop’s USB drive, and I was connected securely and without hassle.

Have you ever stayed in a hotel and hesitated to use their ‘free’ Wi-Fi due to security concerns? I was in Las Vegas, NV on business and needed internet for my laptop before the day began and when I got back to my room. It was nice connecting without the worry of shared, public Wi-Fi and keeping my connection secure. With this device, you no longer have to compromise on security for convenience. It provides a secure and convenient alternative to public Wi-Fi, protecting your online activities.

The takeaway is you never know when you’re going to need it until you are caught without it.

Features and Benefits of the L.O.V.E. Pod

L.O.V.E. Pods are equipped with a dual blockchain encrypted VPN for end-to-end

security and privacy. Their dual blockchain, dubbed the CubeChain, is the combination of two encrypted blockchains that securely connect and protect data, while combining most devices and software into an exchange and compatible transaction layer called LO.V.E. Secure OS (Operating System).

The proprietary 2048-bit CubeChain encryption runs all data heuristically through our exclusive Operating System to protect from digital attacks being able to hack our devices.

L.O.V.E. Pods MESH together to create a private terrestrial-based network, we call this the L.O.V.E. Global Network. Each LO.V.E. Pod works as a node for both broadcasting and receiving in

combination with each other, satellite, and the L.O.V.E. Super-Pod (currently in beta). When enough Pods are deployed, they will be able to sustain their own private Intranet.

4G IOT chips are also used in the device to access local networks for higher speeds until we have more Pods deployed into the MESH Network. We use 4G versus 5G intentionally so that our users are not subjected to the possible ionization effects of the higher frequency bands utilized by 5G.



Encrypted End -To-End Connection using the L.O.V.E

VPN with proprietary duaI blockchain & L.O.V.E. OS.

Add our free L.O.V.E. VPN and Secure Browser Apps for even

greater security.

Areas of Service

Service is pretty much everywhere in North America.

Some areas may not triangulate signals.

Signal strength will increase as more Pods are deployed.

Global service coming by the end of 2024.


Acts as a phone connection when you call out, use any

VOiP so you can make Internet calls directly to regular phones.

This is a means for making your regular phone work as a Sat

Phone when needed.


These Internet-enabling devices DO NOT sell your

browsing, purchasing, or posting (pictures. blogs, etc.)

data. Encryption allows you data freedom.


Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Connect by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to phones,

computers, TVs, cars, Alexa, Kindles, watches, and more.


Up to 300 Foot radius. 2 or more devices can create a

“business” Internet, between offices – (non VPN, yet it’s like

a VPN), expanding radius.

Create your own contained network.

OS Compatibility

Connect any device including Mac, Windows, Linux,

Windows Server, Android, IOS, and all other internet-capable

devices including medical devices (private medical tunnel).


25 MBPS to 150 MBPS depending on your location,

average speed is 50 MBPS. The more Pods,

the more Pods that overlap, the faster the speed.

Get Your Satellite Hotspot – Connect on Your Terms

We are so excited by the results and the service that we jumped at the chance to help promote the L.O.V.E. Pods to the cryptocurrency community and our network.

The biggest surprise is the affordable cost to buy a Pod that there is No Contract, No Credit Check, and it works globally with a physical SIM slot for local data options.


$199.00 plus shipping and processing

$48.00 / month – No contracts

Total approximate shipping and processing fees for the U.S. are $13.90

Total approximate shipping and processing fees for Canada are $20.40

Fascinating History – Purpose Driven Innovation

Developed by First Nations innovators, this technological breakthrough aimed to enhance Internet connectivity across Indigenous territories. Historically, Indigenous communities have faced significant challenges in accessing reliable internet due to inadequate infrastructure. This issue is compounded by the economic barriers faced by lower-income families, making even available internet services unattainable. In Canada, for instance, a staggering 65.2% of First Nations reserve households were found to be without access to the standard universal service. Furthermore, Alberta’s Broadband Strategy highlighted in 2022 that 80% of Indigenous communities lacked internet connectivity at desired speeds due to poor technology, unreliable connections, and insufficient funding for broadband initiatives.

In an effort to address this pressing issue, a distinguished engineer and technologist, who hails from the First Nations community, spearheaded a project alongside a dedicated team over ten years. Their efforts culminated in developing cutting-edge hybrid and satellite technologies, paving the way for introducing the innovative Internet Pods at affordable rates. These devices, soon to be available in various sizes for individuals and households, including a Super-Pod designed to serve an entire Reservation, signify a major leap forward in bridging the digital divide. While the initial motivation was to empower Indigenous communities, the potential of this technology has led to its global release.

Notably, a portion of the proceeds from sales and ongoing service fees is earmarked for supporting Indigenous peoples worldwide.

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